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Book, Children's, Tinker's Christmas
Book, Children's, Tinker's Christmas
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Originally priced $17.95, this autographed copy by the author, Sandra Jones Cropsey is fully and beautifully illustrated.
Tinker's Christmas is a story about belief--belief in ourselves, belief in each other, belief in something greater than ourselves. Tinker is a young elf who is trying to find his place in the world. He is shy, clumsy and the brunt of much taunting and teasing. After a number of calamities, Tinker is passed along from one job to the next until he is assigned the job as Chief Mechanic of the Village Express. When the reindeer come down with the chicken pox a week before Christmas, it is Tinker to whom Santa turns to help find another means to deliver the toys. 
7 available
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